Case #32 Social housing for a single mother

01/18/2018 | 18:50

Vulnerable group: women, single mothers
Human rights ares: #housingrights #discrimination

Ms. A., mother of 2 under-aged children, one of whom was born with a serious disability and who are currently living in one of Cluj-Napoca’s shelters for the homeless, applied with the city hall of Cluj-Napoca for social housing. Following the evalution of the Local Council, which was based on the same scoring systems previously declared as discriminatory by the National Council for Combating Discrimination, the suppliant did not qualify for social housing benefit. The family appealed the decision but this is yet to be settled as the Local Council has not had another meeting so far.

Pro Bono Attorney at Law Otilia Bordea of ’’Bejenaru & Partners’’ from Cluj-Napoca, is helping Ms. A.A with the administrative process of obtaning social housing.