Case #31 The right to information and screening during pregnancy

01/18/2018 | 18:40

Vulnerable group: women
Human rights ares: #malpractice #health

The suppliant, mother of a 10 month-old who was born with a serious disability (hydrocephalus) followed by a spinal affection, intends to enact the criminal liability of the physician who monitored her pregnancy, along with the criminal liability of the hospital he is working for. Although the woman went to regular check-ups she was never assessed by a specialist. The intern who assessed her did not prescribe any prenatal supplements and following the investigations he conducted she was not informed of any existent risks regarding the fetus’ health. It was in the last month of her pregnancy when she was informed of the condition her child is suffering of, condition caused by the lack of folic acid in the mother’s organism.

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