About the Pro Bono Network

logo_Retea_mic-195x195The Pro Bono Network for Human Rights is a clearinghouse which matches individuals belonging to vulnerable groups whose rights have been violated and/ or human rights NGOs who work with vulnerable groups to Pro Bono Lawyers, who offer their expertise on a voluntary basis. The goal of the Pro Bono Network for Human Rights is to facilitate the access to justice of vulnerable groups in order to meet their needs of a free and adequate legal representation and assistance. In the same time, the Pro Bono Network aims to encourage volunteering and community involvement of lawyers.

Pro bono –  from Lat. pro bono publico, meaning ”for the public good” – refers to any voluntary activity, without financial compensation and carried out for a good cause. By offering free legal aid and representation, the Pro Bono Lawyers contribute to the community and give real help to people who are in vulnerable situations or at risk, and who may encounter a myriad of barriers in defending and enjoying their fundamental rights.

The Pro Bono Network for Human Rights offers free legal aid to: 

individuals whose rights have been violated or who have been discriminated against and who belong to vulnerable groups (Roma, people with disabilities, people suffering from HIV/ AIDS, victims of gender-based violence, including sexual and domestic violence), LGBTI, youth over 18 who are leaving state care, women, families with more than two children and single parent families at risk, children and elderly people at risk, formerly convicted individuals or who have undergone correctional measures, people suffering from drug and alcohol addiction, homeless people, people suffering from chronic or professional illnesses, refugees and asylums seekers);

NGOs and associations who promote and protect human rights and who work with vulnerable groups.

How did the project start?

The human rights clearinghouse was launched on 18th December, 2014, in Cluj-Napoca through a public debate on Access to Justice for Vulnerable Groups. Between July 2014-Apeil 2016, the project was financed through a grant from EEA mechanism, NGO Fund in Romania. Our initial project partners were: The Center for Legal Resources The Global Network for Public Interest Law (PILnet) Chiriţă and Associates Attorneys at Law Costaş, Negru and Associates Attorneys at Law