One year of the Pro Bono Network

05/16/2016 | 11:40

The clearinghouse run by ACTEDO, the Pro Bono Network for Human Rights, has completed one year of activity! It was a year of positively solved cases, of challenges and lessons learned, all of which we are pleased to present in our report The Pro Bono Network for Human Rights. Report: 2015 – The First Year of Activity.  […] [..] Read more

Legal Clinic – An Instrument for Defending Human Rights

03/17/2016 | 12:19

December 11, 2015, Law Faculty, Babeș-Bolyai University Cluj-Napoca. ACTEDO organized a debate on the role of legal clinics in the professional development of law students across the country. Renowned speakers discussed how students can support public interest and why it is crucial for them to assume an active role in social justice.  (Picture taken from Associate Professor Sergiu […] [..] Read more

Access to education children with disabilities

03/15/2016 | 17:03

A.S. is the mother of a child with multiple disabilities, Cătălin, living in Cluj county. Every day, A.S. and her boy wake up at 5.45 a.m. in order to get to school on time, in the city of Cluj-Napoca. The two get back home at 9 p.m., very tired after having changed several means of […] [..] Read more